Tuesday, 18 April 2017


This literally has to be the funniest title I’ve ever given any of my post, if you don’t agree, comment which was your funniest.
This series is going to be talking about how I spend my weekend and how it went, things I learnt and many more. First on this series is how I spent my Easter break (where the whole idea came from)
During Easter, there is usually a conference for the youths organized by Winners Chapel of which my school (Covenant University) is a subsidiary of, I had to attend. This year’s forum was tagged “Making Your Life Count” and the theme was “Unveiling the Unlimited Breakthrough Power of Love” and I must say it was an awesome experience in God’s time and presence. It was from Thursday 13th –Monday 17th
Things I learnt
-Loving God is living a God-first lifestyle, placing Him above all heads including yourself, identifying with Him openly, publicly and unashamedly. Mark 8:28. Luke 14:26-27.
-Love makes us indestructible. Ephesians 3:17-19.
- Liberty without boundaries is captivity in disguise.
-Your passion in most cases is a pointer to the problems you are created to solve.
- Confront the devil with words and not Silence or meditation. When the devil tries to confuse you or make you feel lower or jealous or come into your thoughts, don’t just be quiet or try to focus your thoughts on other things because it rarely works; rebuke him out loud, because he needs your voice to keep shut!
-Love is a choice not a gift which can only be powered by the Spirit. John 21:15-17. Matthew 26:31-35.
- There are seven inheritances of Christians – Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Glory, Honour and Blessings; according to Revelation 5:12. As Christians, we are all entitled to these because we not only love God but also walk in His ways and Serve Him, which entitles us to them.
- Money isn’t evil but the love is.
- Soul-wining validates your love for God.

On Sunday, I got my face beat for the first time this year (because laziness) and also got my selfie-game back on.

Wig: @moonwalker_official (I.G)
Make-up by @_nthanda (I.G)
If you went to this conference, do share what you learnt and for those that didn’t I hope we all learnt a thing or two. How did you spend your weekend? Have a Lovely Week!

                                                        SHARING IS KINGING!

Monday, 27 March 2017


      "Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor." - Anne Lamott
   Initially, I wanted to write a post about Minimalism but paused at a point because it wasn't perfect - I struggled with words to write because I wanted it to be intelligent, witty, insightful and void of errors; so as all my posts. Then, it dawned on me  that this is always the same routine that goes with every of my posts- always wanting them to be perfect, even in my shoots and other things I do, which limit me in doing things because making mistakes hasn't been one thing I love. I've always been one who likes doing things meticulously and anyone that has worked with me can tell - I love having things done perfect and if they can't deliver I do it myself and strive toward perfectionism; don't get me wrong, it's not bad to want things done great but sometimes embrace mistakes, cut yourself and everyone around you some slack.  You will not always be prefect but you can be better.
Perfectionism can be good and at the same time bad but those of us that struggle with it can tell that it's more of a self-torture and unhealthy habit, where mistakes is are not allowed, which affects the way we do things, meet people and work.

   There  is an extremely thin line between having admirable high standards and the torture of perfectionism. 
Tracing it down, it started with the way I was brought up, always told to attain a certain level(nothing short of excellence) and anything short of it, was heavily frowned upon. At first, it was easy and nothing much, till I couldn't anymore and I slipped and to the first time I thought I failed Oh! How badly I beat myself up to it and thought it was all-over.
    Most of the times, people struggle for perfectionism and end up in depression 
Perfectionism doesn't have to be in all parts of your life, it can be in an area of your life- relationship, work, social life and many more; which can have an adverse effect on you, behavior and relationships

Addressing Perfection is a journey, it doesn't start in one day and end in another; it's also a journey to self-discovery, here are ways I've been able to curb it, I'm still a work-in-progress.
✦ Realize it's a problem

 Most people don't know how badly it has eaten up in them, they can't tell if it's a problem because it has become a bitter way of life. One way of determining it, is take time to evaluate your life (work, relationships.etc) and it's impact on your personality, mental health. Realize it's a problem and torture and strive towards changing. It will be hard initially, sometimes you will slip back into it, it's ok but try and continue with your strategy.
   The fact that I know it's a problem, doesn't mean I'm going to take all my exes back or accept unfavorable habits from people, No! I'm still going to strive to having what I want, because I know I deserve better.
 Embrace mistakes 

Recognise that's it okay to make mistakes, see them as a learning process, ways by which things should not be done and look towards learning new and better ways of doing things and learn them
 Use your Ideals as guides not Absolutes/Standards for everyone else
Your Mindset goes a long way, I had/still having an All-or- Nothing Mindset. Sometimes, I make a plan and once I fall-out or maybe skip a day out, I cancel it entirely because I wanted to be perfect from the start- with no mistakes/overlap. It's either I go all-out or nothing at all, no in-between.
 Love yourself

This can't be over-stressed enough!!! Despite anything you go through, know you are Awesome and a Badass, don't let circumstances or people tell you less. Talked more about it here 
I usually beat myself up for every "failure" and "little" feat I achieved - as far as it wasn't what I wanted, but slowly I'm learning to celebrate every little feat, victory and be grateful for everything that happens, either good or bad.
 Let go and Let God

I've learnt that there are certain things that are beyond my control, so I let go and Let God take His cause, because all things work together for me.
 Live in the moment

Worrying about the future and trying to be perfect has been one thing I'm a major  proponent of, that I forget to live in the moment and enjoy the presents of life. This rubs you of a lot of things and sometimes opportunities. Learn to live in the moment and stop worrying about things you can't control.
Photography: @shutterfeverphotography (I.G.)

This does not mean I will stop being a Reviewer/Critic because I don't feel they need to be perfect but they can be better 😊
Have a Lovely Week Ahead!
What are your thoughts on Perfectionism? Has it affected you in any way, do share, I will love to know


Monday, 13 March 2017


                                                                *drum rolls*
Well, the Lookbook for this month is finally here!!! As you all know, every month my outfit posts will have a theme, you can view  February's here. This month is all about Minimalism (be sure to check every week for posts on it)
Minimalism is all about simplicity "less is more" ; its a movement in art, design and living, which strips everything to bare essentials. Minimalist Fashion has been on for a long while now and it's certainly here to stay.
Usually, Minimalism involves pastels, blacks and neutrals; how about styling black and white separately and together?! Well, that's what this post is all about! . We all must have been seeing the tie-front trend on shirts, skirts, trousers and the likes, I decided to infuse it with minimalism by tieing my polka dot shirt, also styled here, with my white silk shirt.
 - I achieved this by wearing the White shirt normally as a shirt,
- Then I wore the polka-dot shirt to my bust and buttoned it,
-  I tied the sleeves of the shirt on my waist.
- And Viola! good to go!

Photography: @cyril__dim (Instagram)
Editing: @evetonnia (Instagram)
What's your take on this outfit? What are the ways you will give the minimalism trend a twist? Are you a minimalist or maximalist? Do comment below, I really love seeing your comments.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017


It's #InternationalWomensDay , so I'm throwing back to this shoot I styled last year. I also double as a Stylist.
   I chose to infuse the Greek Goddess into it, to give a Floral and Greek Queen, reason for the model's attire. Added the flowers, to give a subtle look for the queen. Though she's a queen and fierce but yet she's kind and knows what she wants for herself and her people.
The beauty and wonder of trees and nature itself give affirmation of God's creativity and perfection.
 Just because she's from the forest, doesn't limit her to her surroundings, she embraces the diversity of people and races and makes it work for her, because she's a Queen and a Woman.
 TEAM (I.G. Handles)
Photography: @Chromamedia_
Model: @Cassy.polo
Make-up: @haddasah_beeauty
Flowers: @madebyetse
Creative Direction&Styling: @evetonnia

 She is Kind
 She is Fierce
 She knows what she wants and goes for it.
"There is no force equal to the strength of a woman determined to rise" W.E.B Du Bois.
 TEAM (I.G. Handles)
Photography: @Chromamedia_
Make-up: @Haddasah_beeauty
Model: Agbir Rita
Flowers: @madebyetse
Creative Direction&Styling: @evetonnia

What does being a Woman mean to you and What are you proud of? What do you think about this ? let me know in the comment box. For Collaborations and Enquiries, email - moonwalkertalks@gmail.com

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


                   Currently Listening - Power by Deitrick Haddon
  This month has been one of my best months so far, so many things to be grateful for, started new things and many more, join me as I do a recap on the happenings of February.

 Currently Starting
- If you've been viewing my instastory, then you will know I've begun taking shoe-making class every Wednesday (perks of following me on instagram😏 ).Here, are the things I've designed and made this month.
- I've also started writing for a fashion and lifestyle site Stylehubng.com , you can check out my two segments here and here more new segments to come by God's grace
- I've also started a new segment on Twitter (you can follow here ), where people share the lessons they learnt during the week, be it spiritual, book-wise, experiences literally anything. You can also join the conversation, using #MWLessonOftheWeek, every Friday.
Currently Loving
-  I've been skeptical about getting new heels, since almost all my heel shoes develop one problem or the other after getting them, so I decided to go on a break. Well, decided to try my luck this month and got myself a new pair and I've been loving it ever since, so comfortable and attractive. What new thing did you get this month?
Currently Appreciating
  - The love and support I've received so far, especially since I got nominated in two categories for the Redefiniton Fashion Show (blogged and reviewed it here)
- Also the wonderful people I've met this month and also the people who have stuck around with me all this while, my readers included.
Currently Looking Forward
  - To starting a lookbook series on the blog, where I create looks of a style or trend. For example, this month, the theme was French, you can view it here. Guess what March's going to be?
 - Looking forward to styling this set of lingerie, I got from Adedamola (I.G), soon on the blog.
                                       Spot my HDQ Planner by Dee
Currently Working
 - On my final year project, as defence is in the last week of March, and also working on becoming a better person and eating healthy.
Currently Excited About
   - The College Week happening in school because classes end by 12, thereby giving me more time for my project, relaxation and preparation for tests. Also excited about M-donughts!!! If you follow me on twitter, you'll know how excited I am. I literally talk about it every time, so M-donughts is coming for the trade fair, Amazing donughts with all the toppings, you can ever wish for. You can also order for yours (Lagos and Ota residents) here

Thanking God
- For the ability to post more on the blog, irrespective of my schedule, also making me an inspiration to others and  also making us to be alive, hale and hearty to see this new month and many more months.

    Lessons I Learnt this Month
-  Don't ever feel guilty for doing what's best for you.
-  Take life one step at a time, don't try and rush things or do many things at the same time.
-  Put yourself out there. Value yourself and let people know it. Be your own cheerleader!
- The Single life is not for the weak and faint-hearted.
- Appreciate yourself more, because you always deserve it. Give yourself credit for how much you've come.

How was February like for you? What lessons did you learn and what do you hope for this new Month? Do comment below, as I love hearing all about you. 

Monday, 27 February 2017


He la! 
  Comment allez vous? ( 😝 πŸ˜†) My French Lookbook series still continues, you can check previous looks here and here. I'm sure every fashion blogger and fashion enthusiast have dreamt and wished of going to Paris - the global fashion hub and world renowned cuisine (Yes, to the food!!). So have I, hope to one day travel there, till then here's me reminiscing on my dream to Paris.

Outfit details:
 Sweatshirt - Thrifted
 Beret - Mom's. Styled here and here
 Skirt - Gifted. Styled here
 Boot - Jumia.
 Bag - Aliexpress.
 Photography: I.G.- @cyril__dim

                                             Have a lovely week and join me as I take giant strides this week.
What's your favorite look of the French series, do comment below.

Friday, 24 February 2017


Hey dear,
   Like I promised in this post, here's a review of the Redefinition Fashion Show. The Redefinition Fashion Week is Covenant University's fashion show organized by the students to showcase and promote the creativity of the students and young designers in the fashion world. This year's theme was "Urban Twist" and it was for three days (16th-18th of February).
  16th - Jamboree/Awareness
  17th - Workshop
  18th - Fashion Show (Main Event).
I continued my french lookbook from here to the last day of the event. Photocredit: I.G.- @the_olayide
I only went for the last day of the show, which was the main event and I got backstage pass to the event.
                                                    Peep the polka

                                              Designer- Maj' Motif
                                                Designer - Vourdi by Sonia
 The Judges: L-R: Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Nkem Marchie, Akin Faminu, Jane Michael Ekanem, Damilola Oke
- Everyone got to meet the special guests and judges after the event, especially me, as I met my Celebrity Crush (if you know me, you know) Jane Michael Ekanem!!!it was such an amazing moment with her and she remembered me. Other guests, such as Nkem Marchie, Henry Uduku, Lex Ash
                                          Jane Michael Ekanem and I (Her Smile 😍😍)
                                                      Nkem Marchie and I
- The Backsatge was actually fun for me, as I got to experience the behinds of a fashion show, the models, designers, make-up artists and everything in-between.
  Backstage pictures (Photo credit: Stj photography)

My Favorite Looks: My favorite designers were Carl Cobane (the prints and nets!!), 6:15, Vourdi by Sonia, Maj'Motif, Le shoks.

                                                 Designer- Vourdi by Sonia
                                                 Designer - Carl Cobane
                                                 Designer- Vourdi by Sonia
                                                                     The Hosts
                                                    Photocredit - I.G.-@ai_fokus
                                                       Designer - Carl Cobane


- Awareness: The awareness and PR for the show was late and low, not much people knew the details of the event and the awareness started late, which I guess should be the reason for the low turn-out.
- Nomination List: We all know that when there's an award show or an event that has awards to be presented, the nomination list comes out a week early or weeks earlier, but with this show, nominations came out at different times, a week before the event, two days before the main day of the event and they were all to end on the same day and also be presented plaques on the same day ???
- VIP and Regular: The regular ticket was for #2,00 and the VIP was #4,000. In my opinion, there was no difference between the VIP and Regular at the event, the cocktail promised for the VIP was not gotten, everyone still had the same view.
- Time: When you want to tak about African time, this was displayed here extremely. The last day of the event was slated for 1:00pm, but the event didn't start till past 4pm, with guest sitted waiting. It took a lot of time before it started, when it started, there was a lot of waiting and there was no cooling system.
- Winners: I would have asked why tell people to vote when you had your winners, but then it was later stated that there was twitter poll and voting, we would like to know in what way the voting was taken the selection of the people who participated in the voting, because it was made to assume that it was only the twitter poll that was to be used.

P.S. This is not to bash anybody or their efforts but to tell them that they could have done better and people had expectations for this event and also things to consider for people wanting to organize events in the future.

If you went for the show, which was your favorite look and your take on the event? Do share below.