Sunday, 31 July 2016


           Hey dear, so remember the Life Update Post I promised in this Post, well here's it!
 So, I've been seeing this mode of writing on quite a number of blogs, so decided to give it a try with my Life Update, hope to continue with it.


 Wearing: Danshiki tops, causal clothes because I'm done with my Internship Program (whoop!whoop!) and school is soon.

Happy About: The Gift I just received from Temi Doll Face (peep my Instagram for the gift), her Style is Awedacious! and her birthday is on Tuesday, she got a lot of things dropping on that day, so Anticipate!

 Listening: So, since the middle of May, I've been listening to Meghan Trainor's Thank You Album, like it's so Lit (it basically describes how Summer is, break-ups and self-love. You should totally listen to it), and also more of Travis Greene and Micah Stampley

 Hoping: To start my Final Year Project, as I've lost ginger on it and hopefully have an approved topic -__- .  Also that my new pair of Glasses don't break as I have noticed that my glasses have signed a Pact with My Holidays... to always get broken -__-. So, Here are my new Pair, which I'm Excited about
                                           What do you think about them?Cool right?!

Planing:  To start my YouTube Channel, but right now my Laptop is having some  issues so I'm unable to edit the videos and all, but soon the channel is gonna be up. Also, a new DIY would soon be up, so watch this space!

       Here's a DIY, I did last month, you can Peep it on my Instagram 

 Craving: I've been having this insatiable craving for Barbecue Chicken (like no matter how many I eat, the craving is still there, somebody help!)

 Sad: About the way I've reduced, like I'm literally a Bag of Bones despite the amount of food I eat. So, anyone interested in having a Skinny Neck as a model for Makeup Shoots or Fashion Shoots come make use of this before it turns to flesh 😂😜

Excited: About the Events I've been attending and getting out of my lazy zone and meeting other bloggers and maybe also for the goodybags, I get at those events 😉

                                     Giveaway at The ColoursandGreyBloggers (CAG) Forum
Deciding: To work on the MoonWalker Brand (like legitly continue the Footwear, Bag and Cloth Designs), but finding it difficult to find an good and affordable Bag-maker, if you anyone, please get at me it's really Urgent (Thanks) . Here are some of My Cloth Designs.
      Top - MoonWalker. Trouser&Choker - MoonWalker
Appreciating: God and every single person who has been there for me and having my Back (Family, Friends) and the lovely people I've met these past few months, you guys made it Fun!
Also to all MWReaders, Thanks for always putting up with my posts and I. Cheers to Greater Years and Posts! HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!

  Don't Forget: 

   So, what's been happening with you? I would like to know and what's that one thing you hope to achieve in this New Month? Do Share below

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